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1. Keep Teachers Distracted

When you are starting out in the game, it might be a bit difficult to get high grades. The best thing to do at this point is to keep the teachers distracted. This will buy you more time to improve your scores. You have three distractions at the beginning but you can get additional distractions by agreeing to watch the advertisements that pop up in the game from time to time. It only takes a few seconds to watch them, and they will help you out a lot in the game.

2. Watch Ads To Buy Time

Aside from getting additional distractions, the in-game advertisements also allow you to buy a few more seconds once you run out of time in a stage. The ads are also offered when you get caught by the teacher. Keep in mind, though, that you only have a limited number of advertisements that you can watch in a day. If your grade isn’t that good to begin with, do not waste your advertisement opportunity on it and just start over instead.

3. Upgrading Power Ups

There are several power ups that you can upgrade by spending coins in the game. Coins are hard to come by so make sure you use them wisely. Prioritize the invisibility upgrade since it makes cheating very easy. Feel free to upgrade the other power ups according to which ones you like most. Just make sure you try to upgrade all of them as much as you can because you can’t choose which ones will pop up in each level. The power ups randomly appear and you will be in a tough spot if you only upgrade one type of power up.

4. Cheating Strategically

Cheating Tom 3 Game online, free

Cheating isn’t as easy as you think it is. There should be a system to it or else you will either get caught, or you will fail. This is true both in real life and in game. When you play as Tom, make sure you choose who to copy answers from. Always pick the smarter and faster students since you are running against the clock. Just be careful when copying from the same student. Make sure you don’t overdo it. Top students like staying on top and they don’t appreciate it when other students get ahead after copying from them. If you copy from the same students too many times, they will turn red and will rat you out to the teacher.

Cheating Tom 3 Download

Now you are ready to breeze your way through genius school! Just keep our Cheating Tom 3 tips and tricks as a cheat sheet and you’ll surely get straight A’s. Also, if you are an advanced player, then you may want to check out our detailed strategy guide for Cheating Tom 3!



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